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Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement

Why a Written Agreement in Florida

Florida is a "TRANSACTION BROKER " state.  All Transaction Broker brokerages have contractual obligations to Sellers.This obligation to Sellers, to market and sell properties at the Sellers price, is what makes the EBA different. Exclusive Buyer Agents and their Buyer Brokerages believe it is NOT possible to serve the conflicting interests of Buyers and Sellers at the same time without doing a disservice to one or both of the parties. Many argue this dual relationship violates any AGENCY relationship with Buyers and Sellers because of the inherent Conflict of Interest.

The Florida Association of Realtors approved "Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement", which is used by many Transaction Broker brokerages, provides for Single Agency representation... and No Representation... and Transaction Broker... and Single Agency representation with the proviso that your agent can switch to a Transaction Broker at any time. This agreement does NOT take into consideration that the realtor providing the Buyer services still works in a Transaction Broker brokerages with CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS to perhaps thousands of Sellers.

Our Commitment to You... in Writing

An Exclusive Buyer Agent Agreement is a written commitment to you. It identifies working relationship between parties, obligations, goals, term of service and compensation the parties have agreed to. The EBA's Buyers Agreement provides "Single Agency" fiduciary representation... a fancy word meaning the EBA will represent the buyers best interest and is the Buyers Advocate during the entire buying process. This Fiduciary relationship means there is never a "conflict of interest" and the Buyers best interest is always the first consideration. EBA's are happy to put their 100% commitment to Buyers in writing. All EBA's work in BUYER BROKERAGES which do Not take Listings and NEVER have contractual obligations to SELLERS. EBA's never act as Transaction Brokers, are Not Salesmen and have no properties to sell you.

100% Commitment to Buyer... ALWAYS !

Because EBA's only Represent Buyers..

Watch... Why you want an Agreement

EBA Agreement

The Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement is the opposite of a Listing Contracts signed by Sellers.  Both agreements create the working relationship between parties, the term of the agreement, the services to be rendered, areas/cities covered, cancellation options and the compensation the parties have agreed to.

EBA's provide Buyers single agency, exclusive representation.  This allows the EBA to provide 100% Representation, 100% of the time. 

Normally, EBA's are paid by the Seller as part of the Listing Agreement. It is important for the Buyer to feel comfortable with the Seller paying for his/her representation. There are different ways to assure there is no Seller influence involved in Buyer representation.

Many EBA's require a commitment on the part of the Buyer in the form of a " Refundable Retainer" refunded at closing.


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Your EBA will explain all the EBA Agreement details.

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